Leftover Juice Pulp Recipes

I never knew what to do with my leftover juice pulp. I don't have a compost heap to throw it on so usually it went in the bin, which is a real shame. Then I started reading about different ways the leftovers could be used and I decided to give it a go. Different ways … Continue reading Leftover Juice Pulp Recipes

My snacking life – nuts and berries

I don't just focus on vegetable juicing to get healthy. During a juice cleanse I also eat nuts and berries. I find them to be a really useful snack to have around, especially just before my main meal if I am really hungry. I have read that it is always best to drink vegetable juice … Continue reading My snacking life – nuts and berries

Just take the first step towards a happier life

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On Saturday 8th March, International Women's Day, I gave a talk on second chances. The second chance you give your life when you follow your passion. I talked about the clients I had worked with who were miserable and ineffective at work until I helped them reconnect to a passion. I even mentioned my own … Continue reading Just take the first step towards a happier life