Undo Inflammation

fight inflammation

I have spent months trying to figure out what it was I was trying to say/focus on in regards to my health. The weight loss journey that it started out to be turned into a love of juicing and juice cleanses before looking into bringing zest back into my life. Ultimately, all of this work … Continue reading Undo Inflammation

Plant-based protein

plant based protein

I have found myself learning about plant-based protein because people ask me how I get enough protein if I am following a juice cleanse and plant-based lifestyle. It is a poplar question from people interested in adopting a more plant-based way of life. People are mainly concerned about calcium and protein - both of which … Continue reading Plant-based protein

Apple and Carrot Vegetable Juicing

carrot juice

If you want to start simple I recommend you start with apple and carrot vegetable juicing. You can include lemon and ginger too if you like although I find ginger is a little too strong for this delicate dish. One additional extra I do love is celery. Apple, carrot, celery and a little juice of … Continue reading Apple and Carrot Vegetable Juicing

Plant based diet weight increase

heart love

There were many things I knew would happen when I started a plant based diet. I knew I would feel great, I knew my skin would look better and I even knew my hair and nails would become stronger. What I wasn't expecting was a plant based diet weight increase. Yes. I did say increase. … Continue reading Plant based diet weight increase

Sprouted grains to eat on a plant based diet

A sprouted grain is a seed that has been left to grow but harvested for food before it becomes a fully grown plant. They contain high levels of proteins, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, which is why I wanted to make a list of sprouted grains to eat on a plant based diet, I thought it … Continue reading Sprouted grains to eat on a plant based diet