Developing new habits

new habits

I have been reading up on forming new habits. I think I never really give something long enough to become a habit, which is why I stop and start different things all the time. There are all these books that outline 21 days or 30 days to a new habit but I couldn't find any … Continue reading Developing new habits

Experience cannot be taught

I wish I could help you feel how I feel right now but experience cannot be taught. I can show you what I am doing to get healthy using images and blog posts and even video. I can inspire you (hopefully) into believing that maybe you could start using vegetable juicing to improve your health and … Continue reading Experience cannot be taught

Life is too short to wait

I've been doing that waiting thing again and I had to remind myself that life is too short to wait. I do this thing where I believe my life will be happier, better, somehow magically different when I have X. X could be money, a man in my life, more clothes, less aggro, more business … Continue reading Life is too short to wait

Am I A Steve Pavlina Wanna Be?

I received an email about my re-connection to all things personal development and was asked if I was just trying to be a Steve Pavlina wanna be.... I had to laugh out loud (and then ROFL!) Steve Pavlina (in case you have been in outer space and are not familiar with him) can be found … Continue reading Am I A Steve Pavlina Wanna Be?