Number 79 bus

I always sit on the same seat when I get on the 79 bus. I can’t believe how busy it is and that someone else is sitting in my seat. This overweight blonde woman who looks as if she is in a bit of a panic and I wonder if she has a problem. Maybe … Continue reading Number 79 bus

A lifetime of guitar tunes

He was given his first guitar when he was four years old. It was green, plastic, with no strings; still it obsessed him. It played tunes when buttons were pressed but it was limited. Guitar lessons started age eight, after his father bought him a ‘grown up’ guitar, and his teacher taught him to play … Continue reading A lifetime of guitar tunes

Self-love is behind you

‘I had an experience of real self-love this morning.’ I’m on the phone, as usual, talking with my best friend Gina. ‘Really?’ she asks half listening. ‘Yeah, I was standing in front of the mirror naked and I bent over to pick up my bra after dropping it. I looked round and caught site of … Continue reading Self-love is behind you

Get in between us

‘I saw it on The Inbetweeners,’ I explained, ‘it’s hilarious.’ I handed her phone back to her and it rang instantly. We looked at each other and started laughing. ‘Don’t answer it,’ I told her. ‘Not yet, anyway. You have to let me send him a couple more first.’ The next text message was more explicit. … Continue reading Get in between us

The unspoken middle

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath as she slipped her arms around his waist and kissed his neck. She coveted any chance she got to put her arms around him, particularly his middle, because it provided her with a feeling of being loved and protected. With her exhalation came a torrent of emotions … Continue reading The unspoken middle