72 Hour Juicing Fast

Mix and Blend Juices cleanse detox

I have been working 7 days a week since April 8th and am happy to be taking a 10 day break now. To celebrate, rather than buy the extra large pizza that I wanted, I decided to take part in a 72 hour juicing fast. I started thinking about all the different vegetables I need … Continue reading 72 Hour Juicing Fast

Intermittent Fasting Planner

intermittent fasting planner notebook journal

Using an intermittent fasting planner has really helped me to stay focused in the last couple of years, so when I made the decision to sell notebooks and journals online it made sense to create my own. I created these paperback notebook planners so that everything can be recorded including: Start and end time of … Continue reading Intermittent Fasting Planner

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

anti inflammatory diet

Armed with the information that my body was hurting due to inflammation I looked out for an anti-inflammatory diet. I already knew that changing from a standard diet to one that contained more vegetables and fruit had made a difference. At that time it was without exercise. The food change alone helped. In an effort … Continue reading Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Mother’s Day Notebooks

mother's day notebook

Mother's Day in England falls on a Sunday in March, which this year is March 22nd 2020 and if your mum loves notebooks or journals they always make a lovely gift, or additional gift along with something larger. I love writing in my notebook so always welcome the Mother's Day gift of a notebook, which … Continue reading Mother’s Day Notebooks

The power of weight lifting for midlife women

weight lifting women

The most surprising part of my weight loss journey so far is learning that building muscle is the key to my success. I never really thought about weightlifting or the power of weight lifting for midlife women. I just assumed the key to success was cardio, cardio and more cardio. Turns out no matter what … Continue reading The power of weight lifting for midlife women