My closest friend is… my brother

happy kids

We never really got on as youngsters. Funny how age changes everything. He can be an opinionated sod when he wants to be but that's what makes him unique I guess. My closest friend is my brother and he's my hero too because he left his five figure a year paying job last year to … Continue reading My closest friend is… my brother

Shape up or ship out sugar cravings

waffle heart

I know you are doing your best to poison me. You ferment in my stomach and you make demands. I want pizza. I want cookies. I want fries. You want sugar and starch. I do my best to ignore you. I try to fight you with my willpower but you seem to be stronger. Sugar … Continue reading Shape up or ship out sugar cravings

Watching weather raindrops

zestizm diane corriette

I love watching weather Inside in the rain The toast is outstanding Forgotten the pain As wind swirls so loudly It muffles the sound Of tears flooding proudly They slip to the ground I love watching rain drops Like thoughts in my mind It helps if the pain stops Unravelling, unwind Today's daily prompt is … Continue reading Watching weather raindrops