Just Moving (micro-fiction story)

We were always running. My mum and me. Packing up what few belongs we had and moving in a new direction. No particular place. Just moving. I was never sure who or what we were running from but no sooner had we settled and no sooner had I made a few friends, and we were … Continue reading Just Moving (micro-fiction story)

Saturday Shelfie – Flash The International Short-Short Story Magazine

In reply to Cultured Life's Saturday Shelfie (love that name!) I thought I would share what I have been reading all day today. It is a magazine (more like a book to me) published by the University of Chester called Flash, The International Short-Short Story Magazine. I am reading the October 2013 edition (again) because … Continue reading Saturday Shelfie – Flash The International Short-Short Story Magazine

A lifetime of guitar tunes

He was given his first guitar when he was four years old. It was green, plastic, with no strings; still it obsessed him. It played tunes when buttons were pressed but it was limited. Guitar lessons started age eight, after his father bought him a ‘grown up’ guitar, and his teacher taught him to play … Continue reading A lifetime of guitar tunes

Self-love is behind you

‘I had an experience of real self-love this morning.’ I’m on the phone, as usual, talking with my best friend Gina. ‘Really?’ she asks half listening. ‘Yeah, I was standing in front of the mirror naked and I bent over to pick up my bra after dropping it. I looked round and caught site of … Continue reading Self-love is behind you