Reactions to a juice cleanse

juice cleanse

There are many different reactions to a juice cleanse that our body may go through. It can range from absolutely no adverse reaction at all to being completely bed ridden and unable to move for a few days. What makes the difference? The biggest contributor will be how unhealthy your diet is before you start. … Continue reading Reactions to a juice cleanse

Vegetable Juicing – Block the biological clock

green vegetable juicing

I am using vegetable juicing for many things. Not just weight loss but also to help me block the biological clock. That clock that ticks, ticks, ticks and lets me know I am getting older. Yes, the truth is there is more than one biological clock for a woman. Once the worry of children and … Continue reading Vegetable Juicing – Block the biological clock

My First Juicing Mistake

I am usually good at mixing vegetables and fruit together, but today was definitely my first vegetable juicing mistake. In the past I have made tiny mistakes like adding too much ginger, or adding lemon with skin on to something light like celery/cucumber. You really do taste the extra in the juice. The worst of … Continue reading My First Juicing Mistake

3-day juice cleanse plan January 2015

I have just taken myself through a 3-day juice cleanse plan for this month. I complete one on a monthly basis and used the beginning of the month to complete the January one. I thought it might be useful to include a list of everything I ate over the 3 days so you can get … Continue reading 3-day juice cleanse plan January 2015

Parsley and Kale Vegetable Juice

I thought I would start the New Year with a juice cleanse. My first juice of 2015 is this parsley and kale vegetable juice containing: 1 bag of organic kale 1 large pot of parsley 3 celery sticks 1/4 pineapple 1 apple, a chunk of ginger and half an organic lemon Usually my first juice … Continue reading Parsley and Kale Vegetable Juice