Writing in a journal

I have done a lot of research about the power of writing in a journal. Journal therapy is a great tool to help people write about their thoughts and feelings so that they can learn more about themselves.

The more you write in a journal the more you learn to love it. In the past I wrote on pieces of paper and added it to a folder but it became quite full over the years and now I use a diary as a journal.

It really doesn’t matter whether you use a computer or paper just as long as you write.

You get to write down your experiences and it makes a great account of your history for your family in the future. You can also use it to look back over and to write your memoirs.

Difference between journal and diary

A diary you tend to write down what happened but with a journal you write more about your thoughts and feelings, things you are overcoming. I don’t worry to much about the “rules” I just like to write and what you find over months is that you develop a pattern that is keeping you stuck or unmotivated. Becoming aware of what you do will help you work towards empowering yourself to change.

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