Blogging for small business owners


We all know how to do something well — write a post that teaches readers how to do something you know and/or love to do. Photographers, artists, poets: show us TEACHING.

Blogging for small business owners

Long before I picked up my writing pen I spent my time teaching blogging for small business owners in the UK and I also set up my own small business blogging platform that supports them in getting started.

Over the years I have taught many things including:

The importance of keywords – A keyword are the words that someone searching will put into the search engines. When you are a local business it is important that you keep your writing focused on your local area as much as possible.

Many local business owners just want to know how to get more local people coming to their business. They don’t like jargon but sometimes it is a necessary evil. They need to have some idea about how to use things like local search marketing and local search engine optimisation.

Being in business is fun and if the recession taught us anything it was to ensure we have more than one income stream. As well as writing (which lets face it takes major effort to succeed in) I sell eBooks, use advertising on my blog, teach/consult, and have my blogging platform/hosting account which provides a monthly income. I do different things and I teach about some of the different blog revenue streams available when you focus.

Turning to writing

The best bit about being a teacher of adult education is you are taught how to take any topic and break it down so you can teach. I wouldn’t want to teach something financial but in a few weeks I am about to teach a group of women about the joys of writing their own memoirs. I focus on writing fictionized memoirs because I make stuff up when I write but the story is based on an actual event. My aim in teaching this topic is to encourage them to write their own story. We are going to focus on one event in their life and how it changed them/motivated them to live differently. All the stories will be put into a book by a local community organisation. Exciting stuff.

I love helping to teach people how to do something they couldn’t do before. Ultimately, I run a business and need to earn an income but if I could afford to sit all day and teach online for free I would!