I have never been normal and never will

african american woman

I remember being told I was too tall for a woman

I decided that meant I wasn’t normal

I remember loving pop and rock

For a black girl growing up in London I was told I really shouldn’t. I needed to be “more black”

I decided that meant I wasn’t normal

I remember wanting to avoid getting drunk and hanging out in pubs

For a young woman I was told it was the thing to do to meet men

I decided that meant I wasn’t normal

Then I hit 30 and suddenly I questioned what being normal was

After years of keeping myself inside little boxes that defined who I was I wondered if not being normal was actually okay.

Then I hit 40 and I realized just how wonderful not being normal was

I followed my own drum beat and I led my own march.

Sure it was lonely sometimes but at least I can say I lived most of my life my way.

Are you normal or do you relish being different…. bohemian?

written by Diane Corriette



Today’s challenge over at daily prompt is called “The Normal”

Is being “normal” — whatever that means to you — a good thing, or a bad thing? Neither?