The power of inner voice guidance

It is hard for me to write about your inner voice or following your inner guidance without beginning to sound a little ‘out there!’

While being seen as a tree hugger is not new for me I do like to do my best to keep to the logical side of building self-confidence without going too far into my spritual world  🙂

However, the power of inner voice guidance is so very real for women looking to develop the strength and self-confidence to make their own decisions and rely on their own judgement that I have to let go of what’s logical for a little while.

I want to deal here with something that is intangible. That you can’t see or touch but that is very real and exists. It has been called a gut feeling or intuition. You might prefer to call your inner voice God. Whatever you choose to call it we all have within us the ability to be guided by unseen forces that help us through life.

If you have ever had something happen in your life and your response was “I really wish I had listened to myself” then you already have experience of your inner voice.

I remember the very first time I used my inner guidance. I ignored it, but then I was always good at not listening to myself – still am sometimes 🙂
I parked in a no parking zone and as I got out of my car to go into a building everything stopped and went dark. My attention was drawn to a man a few feet away. It was as if I just zoned in on him. It freaked me out a little. At that time I was only just beginning to use my own inner voice and I had no idea what that was. I rationalized it away by saying it was a head rush from getting out of the car too fast!

I was in that building for under 5 minutes. I went to collect a parcel. By the time I came out my car had been clamped. Actually they were in the process of finishing clamping it. Cost me £85 to unclamp it (this was back in 2006) and I was so pissed off. The parcel I was collecting was worth £10!

As I went to drive away I looked in my rear view mirror and recognized the man standing a few feet away. His job was to alert the clamping company when anyone parked in the no parking area. My inner voice had tried to alert me to something being wrong and I ignored the warning.

I have several stories like that one where I had a feeling I should call someone, or be somewhere, or whether I should take part in an opportunity or not. When my ego is in the way I ignored the soft inner voice that whispered to me and I did my own thing. I was always sorry afterwards.

Recognizing Your Inner Voice

One of the biggest struggles I had was recognizing when my inner voice was speaking to me and when it was just me being in my head. Eventually I recognized that my inner voice words of wisdom almost floated into my chest/heart area or was based in my stomach (I guess that’s where the expression gut instinct comes from). I know now how to recognize it and the more you follow your inner voice the easier it becomes to recognize it.

Sometimes you think you are following it and you are not. That is all part of the process. Rather than resist it just flow with it. There will be times when you spend your time working towards something only to find that it isn’t something you really want. Usually, that is your head/ego talking to you.

Can you be wrong? of course you can. There is always the chance that you tell people about your feeling and nothing happens. That’s all part of the process. You just have to work some more on recognizing the actual inner voice you have!

I love this as an insane example…. just to help you lighten up around the whole thing!


You Need To Trust Without Supporting Evidence

This can be a very difficult part of making your inner guidance system work for you.

That voice may say something but how do you know its the voice talking? With no supporting evidence to back up this voice how do you get other people to listen?

This is especially difficult if you are making an important decision at work. How do you tell your boss you just ‘feel’ they should not invest in something or hire someone.

Feeling uncomfortable about doing something or meeting someone is a sure sign that your inner voice is trying to tell you something. Rather than dismissing it or shaking it off give yourself some time if you can. Get yourself away, close your eyes and take a step back.

Breathe deeply and see what messages you get. At first you may not notice much. You have to be working with yourself and have a strong belief in this system to protect, inspire and guide you.

But the more you use it the faster you will get results.

Don’t let the good (and bad) opinions of others change your mind

I did this a lot when I started listening to my inner voice. Back in 2009 I wanted to move out of London and when I mentioned it people reacted badly.

They gave me all kinds of reasons not to and despite having a very strong feeling that I should I listened.

I really should have known better.

I think I didn’t want to move but I was being guided to and resisted. Eventually late in 2011 I did move. To the same place as suggested by my ‘voice’ – only this time I told no one until I was hunting for a place to live and had handed in my notice to my landlord.

People love you. People hate change. Some people just want to stop you from living your life. When you share your ‘feelings’ people might even ridicule you. None of that should put you off acting on it if you truly believe in the message you receive.

Using Your Inner Voice Guidance

When I first started out I would close my eyes, breathe deeply a few times and ask if there is anything I need to know that needs to be revealed to me.

I began to get messages about things people had said during the day that I needed to pay attention to.

Sometimes the answers came to me first thing in the morning after waking up. Another great thing to ask is if you need a creative answer to a problem. Ask your inner voice to guide you and be open to receiving an answer.

As I mentioned above look out for feelings of being uncomfortable about a person or a situation. See if you can give yourself time to explore why you are uncomfortable and even if you can’t figure it out don’t dismiss it out of hand.

If you find you keep coming back to the same thoughts that will be your inner voice trying to guide you towards something. Take the time to listen to it.

Being online I have tried many different ways to make money over the last 6 years and every time I kept being led back towards focusing on personal growth and in particular self-confidence.

Eventually, I had to recognize that this is my true calling.

Answer won’t appear as if by magic in the moment.  I wanted to make sure I mention this. You won’t sit and use your inner voice for the first time and hear some kind of  magical voice from the heavens.

It doesn’t work that way. If you are waiting for a voice outside of yourself you are looking in the wrong place. Its within you.

When you ask a question you may have to wait days or weeks for an answer. Just keep affirming that you have the resources within you to answer any question or find the solution to any problem then ask again.

Watch out for signs that you may see, hear, or even smell!

Your answers may come from the environment around you or you may hear someone on the phone who says something that gives you an idea or a solution you were looking for.

Sometimes your inner voice might ask you to do something small like ask a question during a meeting. Or seek the advice of a particular person.

There is so much good to be had from being connected to your inner voice and following it’s guidance. I will be writing more about it in future posts but I just wanted to start off by letting you know that the power of inner voice guidance is available to you.

It is another tool to help you build your self-confidence in your decision making and also in helping you face the challenges that life throws at us all.

Learning how to use this wonderful (and free) gift that you have can help it become your greatest ally in life.