Spiritual self confidence – the next level

I have had a crazy April. I discovered two woman from the 1920s who’s work has been transforming my life since reading them. They are helping me build my spiritual self confidence.

Their names are Florence Scovel Shinn and H. Emilie Cady and they both focus on spiritual self confidence. Their books were written in the 1920s and I am so inspired I want to become an expert in using their techniques and then teach them myself.

Being able to walk into a room full of people without being filled full of nerves and fear is important but what happens when you master that?

The next level of your self-confidence journey is to focus on your spiritual self-confidence. Gaining the strength and ability to go within and trust your gut instinct, your ‘hunches’ or as it is more commonly known, your intuition.

The more you use this inner gift, the stronger it becomes and the stronger it becomes the more your life becomes guided not by what people say you should do, or try to force you to do, but by what you instinctively know is the right thing to do based on your own inner knowing.

I have been quite conservative on this blog focusing on the practical aspects of self-confidence but now I am also going to bring the spiritual aspect of it to for all those who are ready for something more.

I won’t be sharing my true authentic voice if I didn’t talk about this area of personal growth.

The thing that puts people off reading these wonderful books on manifesting your desires (by having a strong sense of confidence in yourself and in universal law) is the continuous reference to God, which is a shame because if you look past that they are two master pieces of transforming your circumstances and your life.

The key to success with using what they teach is to surround yourself in it. Every single day, every single hour if you can be open to speaking your affirmations and visualizing your success.

I built my self-confidence that way – by focusing on it every single day until it became my reality.

It was almost like walking round with an imaginary shower that constantly showered me with a positive flow of words. These words reminded me that I am confident, I am able, I deserve love… etc on and on it would go in my mind this constant whirling of positive affirmations.

I have added the two books written by these women to my eBook collection of free giveaways. If you are looking to build your spiritual self confidence I highly recommend them.

Click the link to download them:

The Game Of Life And How To Play It – by Florence Scovel Shinn

How I Used Truth – H Emilie Cady

Enjoy them both. They both put a strong emphasis on writing and using affirmations.