Being Able To Say No Is Also Part Of Asking

Its one of the smallest words in the dictionary and yet for many being able to say no is one of the hardest ones to say. What makes it even harder is having to say NO to someone that you may have asked for help from and they said yes!

Someone saying yes to your request does not make you obligated to do the same thing. Remember at all times people have a choice and just because they choose to say yes it doesn’t mean you have to make that choice too. At all times your decision should only be based on what works for you. Doing something because you feel you have to, or should puts you in a position of feeling powerless and you should avoid that happening.

If saying NO to family, friends, ex partners or anyone close to you is hard the first thing to look at is what makes it difficult for you. Are you afraid of them? Are you afraid of their reaction if you say no? Do you want to remain “good” in their eyes so you avoid saying no?

Asking for what you want is about finding out why you don’t already and deciding what you will do to change that.  Saying NO to anyone who asks you for something is exactly the same. There is a reason you can’t say NO and you need to discover what that reason is. Be honest with yourself, ask within (don’t have a conversation about it with 5 of your friends – you have your own answer!) and see what comes forward.

Just keep asking “why am I afraid to say NO?”

If you want to take it a step further sit down with a piece of paper and keep writing down the question until an answer appears and then write down the answer. Continue to just repeat the question and write it down until answers present themselves. You may write the question 10 times before you receive one answer but before long the answers will flow and you will have a list of what it is that stops you.

If you want to share what stops you saying NO then leave a comment. Also let us know what you think you can do about it (because beieve it or not you do already have the answer)

I look forward to sharing session six with you.