Sometimes it’s just not meant to be

A friend sent me an email this week. It was one of those that was addressed to 50 people at once and was about understanding that sometimes we are not meant to be in a certain place or with a certain person and rather than get annoyed/upset we can just accept that.

This weekend I am child free and enjoying thinking about my focus for 2009. On Saturday I was due to be at a football (soccer) game and was looking forward to going but didn’t end up with a ticket. Now I could choose to be upset or I could choose to decide that I just wasn’t meant to be there. One raises my blood pressure and the other one helps me to stay peaceful!!!!

It actually turned out to be a good thing because Saturday morning I began to feel the symptoms of illness and am now full of medicine and praying to get over what has become a very chesty cold.  If I had been standing in the cold watching the football match it would have only made me feel much worse and I wouldn’t have enjoyed being there.

In the program Sex And The City (Still one of my all time favourite shows) there is one episode where Miranda learns that sometimes a man just isn’t into you. She took great joy from that because instantly you can stop thinking about why he isn’t getting in touch, why he is treating you badly and all that other stuff we focus on when our relationships aren’t working.  Instead you can just think “maybe he’s just not into me” and move on!!! There is something quite freeing about that.  Trying to work it out causes stress, letting it go and deciding he’s not into you helps you to move on…. quickly.

So if you had an event that you were supposed to be at or some one was due to visit and didn’t turn up just tell yourself “it’s just not meant to be” and look out for what else becomes available.  If you are upset about it you may miss the fact that something else is being offered but if you let it go and wait with faithful expectation you never know what other adventure awaits.

My other adventure turned out to be a chesty cold, which wasn’t really what I wanted but I still am thankful for being saved from being out in the cold when I was very unwell.  Louise Hay puts colds down to mental confusion, small hurts and too much going on, which I guess gives me something to look at 🙂