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Before writing an eBook there are a few important things to consider – I covered using the internet to conduct research in a previous blog post and in this one I want to focus on how you will sell your eBook. I have found the easiest way to do that is using a blog.

When you write your eBook and put it up online it would be great to think that there was nothing more to do but a big part of you making money selling eBooks focuses on being able to market it to your online audience. If you already have a website you might just include an image and link to your eBook but you really need to do more than that to sell it.  It will help you  are continually writing about it and the best way to do that easily is using a blog.
You set up your blog and write blog posts that focus on helping people letting them know how buying your eBook is the solution to the problem they have.

Using a blog means you won’t have to worry about knowing website html and you can get some great ecommerce plugins that will help you set up the payment structure and delivering the eBook to your customers instantly.

If you think about this blog you will see that I write about writing an eBook and how to sell eBooks online. You will also see that I have a Store that I will continually add products to and I am going to be writing my own course for people who like a step by step approach to successfully writing an eBook.

Every eBook I write will be sold on here unless the topic is so very different that I choose to add it on a new blog. It is very easy to keep writing and selling eBooks, and setting up blogs to promote them. You can earn an income online simply doing that over and over again – always remembering to build your email list so instead of having to continually find new customers you can sell different eBooks to the same customers.

If you are a business professional looking to sell eBooks online I can recommend our WordPress Installation Service to help you – not only can you start a business blog but you get access to an ecommerce plugin and your blog is promoted saving you having to think about blog marketing.

A few days ago I mentioned using free ebook sites and adding your eBook to them as a way of generating visitors to your site.

Another great way to either promote a free eBook or to sell an eBook is to send out a press release. Even if it is a free ebook if it is substantial and full of great information why not let people know you are giving it away for free. A press release will really help you generate traffic to your site.

Note : not all links listed here are free – some are fee based.






You completed your research and sat and wrote your content, now it is time to start thinknig about marketing an eBook online so it can fulfil its outcome (which you also stopped to consider!) As eBook writers we need to be problem solvers because when you can solve the problem of ….

How to lose two stone without going hungry OR

How to power walk your way to fitness in less than 15 minutes a day

You will find that learning how to market an eBook really isn’t that difficult because people find YOU!

When you are writing the content for your eBook you want to make sure you are reaching the heart of the problem and whenever possible that your keyword phrase is in the title of the book so when you write blog posts you can keep using your most important keyword phase over and over again….

For example an eBook called “Write & Publish your own outrageously profitable eBook in as little as 7 days” with the sub headline “even if you can’t type, can’t write and you failed High School English”  explains what the ebook is about, who it is for, and how it is going to help the reader. 

Another example is
“How to overcome adult acne and have glowing clear skin in less than 10 days”
Most definitely for adults rather than teens, the image you place on the eBook may decide to focus in on women or men or you may leave it open for both. You also want to make sure that you talk directly to your niche market.

How to lose two stone without going hungry – your market is people with two stone or more to lose. Right now it could be men or women, maybe even teens so you might want to narrow it down and/or have the actual market splashed on the title. How to lose two stone without going hungry FOR TEENS…. FOR WOMEN… FOR MEN OVER 50….

That at least helps you zone into who you are talking to directly and will help you market your eBook.

“How to power walk your way to fitness in less than 15 minutes a day”

Here you are looking for busy people, maybe they work hectic jobs and they don’t have time… or maybe you focus it in on new mothers who are raising children.

This is just a quick overview of the different ways of marketing an eBook by using the title and your keywords. This is what people will be typing in when they are searcing for solutions so you really want to make sure you do what you can to include them.

•eBook publishg
•adult acne
•power walking

What are your keywords?

Focus on long tail keywords to market your eBook

A long tail keyword is a keyword made up of 3 or 4 words that people use to find information. usually with shorter keywords like “weight loss” or “adult acne” people are mainly searching for information on the topic and are not looking to buy. You need to still use them because they will help bring you visitors who may comment on your great information (if they are generous ;) )

If your aim though is to sell eBooks then your focus needs to be on long tail keywords like

“how to overcome adult acne”

“solutions to overcome adult acne”

“how to lose weight power walking in less than 30 days”

Research has shown that when people use long-tail keywords such as these they are actually searching for a solution and they will consider buying something to help. At this point you want them to find your eBook!

This easiest way to successfully sell your eBooks is to make sure you do all you can to make it easy on yourself to be found by the people searching.  Yes, you may want to have a creative title like “Dream Now, Believe Then, Achieve Later” or something (off the top of my head) but that doesn’t mean anything. If you are a therapist who helps people overcome phobias and you give your eBook that title as pretty and creative as it may be you make the job of generating leads for your therapy business more difficult.

Make life easy on yourself. When you have four or five eBooks out on the internet generate leads for you then get creative but at the beginning stick to what works….

“10 things you should consider before booking your first marriage counsellor”

Is easier to market so it will be found based upon its keywords than an eBook called  “Don’t Get Even Get Help!”

The second title is creative but does not help the search engines distinguish exactly what it is and so it may not appear in the search results as often as it would if someone is searching for a marriage counsellor.

I hope that gives you some idea about writing an ebook title and what you need to focus on.


So you are finally ready to start writing your ebook chapters and you need to start thinking about what to write.  If you are stuck you can outsource the writing of your eBook to other people like ghost writers but the easiest way to create it is to sit down and write it yourself because

a. you already have the knowledge

b. you are already an expert

c. it will have your ‘voice’ in it
If you go ahead and get one written for you, you may find that you change so much of it because it doesn’t read the way that you want it to that you may as well write it yourself!

We are talking about a 10-15 page booklet and if you include a couple of images it can be real easy to write that out.

Another way to create an eBook is to write it with other experts. If you are a personal trainer why not get together with a massage therapist and a nutritionist and write about health and nutrition focusing on how wellbeing comes about when you exercise, eat healthy and take care of your body.

By getting together with other people it also means all three of you are promoting the eBook rather than just one person.

My very first free eBook was written by getting together with 5 other people and we all offered our own unique voice on how to make money online.

Interview experts to help create your eBook

When creating your eBook your first priority is to brand you as the expert but you might also want to consider interviewing people who are related to your topic to provide you with more content. Send them five or six questions to answer and ask for their opinion. It is polite to mention their website and let them write a short bio as well.


Before we get into the process of writing anything it is important you take some time to look at why you are writing an eBook, who you are writing it for and what you want your eBook to achieve – what is it’s ultimate goal?

  • Are you hoping to attract new clients?
  • Introduce people to your business?
  • Is your eBook part of a bigger purpose and is the first step into your sales funnel?

You need to understand the outcome you want your eBook to achieve if you are going to understand whether you achieved it or not.

Brainstorm potential ideas

You are already an expert running your business so sit and think about the services and products you offer in your business.

For example if you provide support with sleeping problems an ebook that describes the 10 symptoms of sleep problems and how to help yourself overcome them might make a great eBook for your business.

If you are focusing in on your customer when you create your eBook what solution will you provide? What problem will you solve?

Take the time to really sit down and think about this because it will help you come up with the best ideas.

Get yourself a piece of paper and lock the door for a couple of hours and even just writing down potential ideas for your eBook.  Play a game that anything goes for now so you don’t censor what you are writing.

Focus on your passion

If you are going to write an eBook based on something you are passionate about then that is a great way to start but you still need to do your research and make sure that people are searching online for what you are about to offer.

If you create an eBook on how to help your cat overcome fear and no one is searching for “fear in cats” or “help my cat overcome fear” then no matter how passionate you might be about it you just won’t sell any.

I may talk about selling eBooks but even if you are giving it away the process is the same. You want potential customers to find it and so you need to focus yourself on who is searching.

[NOTE: By the way if you are someone who struggles with what to write on a blog then this will help you too! When you research what the problem is you soon find a solution to blog about!]

The other reason I recommend you find a market you are passionate about is because things will get tough – believe me, when you first start out and you make zero pounds (dollar, zen, etc) in your first few weeks being passionate about the topic will keep you working on marketing your eBook so you don’t give up

Getting Foot Traffic To Your Local Business

If you are writing an eBook in an effort to get “foot traffic” through your door – people who find it online and who call up to book an appointment and attend your clinic offline – then you need to make sure you mention that when you market your eBook so that gets picked up by the search engines.

Researching your eBook: You sell eBooks when you know who you are selling too

If you are naive enough to believe that “everyone is my market” let me stop you there and get you to focus on something.

I want you to think about the last time you used a tissue to blow your nose. Did you use a mansize tissue, a pretty pink tissue, a winnie the pooh tissue? Even Kleenex recognises that while they can sell tissues to everyone they stand a much better chance when they NICHE.

It will also help you market your eBook if you know who your intended audience is. That doesn’t mean you can’t have different eBooks under the same banner. Are you familiar with the Chicken Soup For The Soul books? How many different ones are there now?

  • for the teenage soul
  • for the African American soul
  • for the women’s soul
  • for the lover’s soul….!

There are so many different ones all under the “chicken soup for the soul” brand… if you believe you can market to everyone then by all means do it that way but don’t try to lump everyone under one banner.

I was watching The Apprentice and Lord Sugar set the task to make dog food and cat food. What did the dog food team do? Come up with on dog food for all brands (against the advice of experts in the field!) – they lost of course and were told their plan is flawed because people believe their dog is special not like everyone else. No dog food for all dogs will just not work and neither will one eBook created for all people.

You need to reach out to a particular market and after you reach out to them if you want to reach out to other people by all means do that.


How do you write an eBook?  Even more importantly than that is how do you write a successful eBook? What makes one eBook shine and sell thousands while others flop?

The answer is in one word QUALITY

You need to focus on quality when you write your eBook and that includes knowing who you are writing for

Focus on quality when you market your eBook and get visitors to it

Focus on the quality of your web page to convert those visitors into subscribers who join your email marketing campaign or buy your eBook

Those are the only three things you really need to focus on to be successful and the two most important parts are doing your research (you will hear me mention this a lot!) and having an email marketing campaign in place because not everyone will want to buy first time so you need to know how to keep their attention until they do.

You also need to bring a strong sense of value and wanting to help people otherwise your eBook just won’t work. People will request refunds and all that effort put into marketing your eBook will be for nothing.

Ultimately, write eBooks that help people not just fill your pockets with cash because your reputation will be short lived if your product isn’t any good.  When your number one priority is your customer making money from eBooks will be easy for you.

This article is part of a collection which focuses on writing an ebook and ebook publishing

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The biggest killer of dreams is procrastination. It stops you from getting any further as you make excuses for why things are not done. This is different to stopping and taking stock. We all need to take stock but it is a different energy, a different feeling and you know it…. or at least I hope you do. If you know yourself at all you will know if you are procrastinating because you need to think about your next move or if it is out of fear of the thought of getting your eBook on to the internet and selling ebooks.

There was an internet expert who used to write about failing fast- I don’t recall his name now but the message was the sooner you fail the better because you can mess up, learn from it and create another product that will work and help you bring in a whole bunch of passive income.

Writers block or being stuck

Sometimes the mere thought of writing can stop us from thinking about what to write about. Relax. You are an expert and there will be a ton of knowledge in your head that people will want to know. Just focus on thinking about “how do I help” and “what solution do I provide” or maybe “what questions do I always get asked by new clients” – those three questions should help to get you thinking about what to write.

If you have stopped writing your ebook because you are not sure what to include or you are stuck then give yourself a break. Go off and read material around the web about your topic. Read as much as you can for around an hour then write nothing for another few hours. Come back to your computer and begin thinking about your topic and see what comes out!

Continuous editing / perfectionism

This is a great procrastination technique for would be eBook sellers – to keep editing and reediting, reading and re-reading all the time delaying when your eBook will be sold online.

STOP IT. QUIT IT!! People are in pain and are waiting for what you have to offer. Get it up and out there.  While writing an ebook the more you edit the more you find to edit and at some point you just have to decide what you have written is good enough.

If you are using your ebook to generate leads for your local business by giving it away for free you really want to make sure you get it out as quickly as you can rather than waste time on perfectionism.

Anyway, if you begin promoting it and decide to change it six months from now your new up to date version gives you a reason to begin blogging and writing about it all over again!


Not knowing how to sell your ebook online or how to get your selling system up and working may cause you some trouble and the best thing you can do is outsource that task. Find someone to do it for you and throw money at the problem :)

You don’t want to waste precious time trying to figure out a complete system when someone can have it all up and working for you within half a day.

Imagine going to bed and waking up to 25 new emails that say “you made a sale!” wouldn’t that be fantastic…

When you are selling ebooks online it can happen but first you need to stop procrastinating and start writing. Then once the writing is over you need to focus on getting it up on the web. The final step once it is up on the web is to promote it so people can find it.