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A few days ago I mentioned using free ebook sites and adding your eBook to them as a way of generating visitors to your site.

Another great way to either promote a free eBook or to sell an eBook is to send out a press release. Even if it is a free ebook if it is substantial and full of great information why not let people know you are giving it away for free. A press release will really help you generate traffic to your site.

Note : not all links listed here are free – some are fee based.






So you have gone through the task of writing an eBook so what’s next? Well, that is where the real fun starts. After writing comes promotion and below are three eBook marketing tips to help you get started:

Start your own affiliate program. One of the quickest ways to sell eBooks is to get other people selling them for you. By running your own affiliate program people will be able to sign up to promote your eBook and get paid when they sell them. You might want to contact blog owners of relevant sites and ask them if they are interested in selling it to their readers.  Affiliates can be people or businesses worldwide that will all be working to sell your E-Books. Think about this. Do you see a formula for success here?

Think about giving it away. If you are an new eBook author you may want to make your first eBook a free giveaway that includes information on your business and includes information on how your business can help the reader. If you have a product to sell include the link and if you don’t think about becoming an affiliate and adding links into it so at the very least you can get paid if someone buys something. Most eBook authors start by giving away a free eook.

Make your eBook interactive. Invent something for them to do within the book rather than just producing pages that contain static text. Let your readers fill out questionnaires, forms, even crossword puzzles geared to testing their knowledge on a particular subject. Have your readers hit a link that will allow them to recommend your book to their friends and associates. Or include an actual order form so at the end of their reading journey, they can eagerly buy your product. When people interact with books, they become a part of the world of that book.

There are many other eBook marketing tips that will help you sell eBooks online and I will be covering more but those are three to get you thinking.


my steps into journal writing

At some point you will be done with writing your eBook and your thoughts will turn to how you sell ebooks because that is after all the whole point of writing it.  If you are writing an eBook with the intention of giving it away for free then this isn’t applicable to you – but if your aim is to sell eBooks and earn an income then you need to find an easy way to get them online.

Having your own business eCommerce store is the simplest way to make this happen and through influencer.biz you not only get your own business blog but your blog includes an ecommerce store that will let you promote your products and sell eBooks.

Other ways you can sell ebooks online

Set up a one page website with a sales page promoting your eBook then simply add a Paypal button. When you set up your Paypal button (full instructions on how to do that are inside Paypal) it will ask you where you want people to go after they have paid. That is where you enter the place of your eBook download. It is not secure enough to simply set up any page because they will be able to pass it on to friends and you lose out on money (sometimes people will do that anyway – occupational hazard!) so you want the page to be secure.

If you have a blog you can set up a password protected page and send the password in their confirmation email after they buy. When they receive the email thanking them for their order you also include details on how to download the eBook and any password you have set up to protect it.

However you decide to sell eBooks for your local business you want to make sure it is safe and most importantly it all happens automatically without you having to do anything, from payment through to deliver you want people to be able to buy and download your ebooks without you having to be there.


Is fear stopping you from marketing your eBook?

Over the years I have worked with people who really want to sell eBooks online but have never gotten round to it and there are a few different fears that stop them:

1. They believe people already know what they know

Many times they live under the assumption that people already know what they know and wonder why anyone would buy an eBook from them. The truth is whatever you know is probably not known by thousands of people. If you did your ebook topic research you already know there are people searching for what you are about to offer so really this belief is no longer valid. If it is a conversation you are having with yourself then I challenge you to take an honest look at whether you carried out any research. If people are searching it is because they don’t know what you know and need to buy your eBook!

2. People might not like it/will return it

You are absolutely right. People might buy your eBook and then return it for whatever reason. Maybe they might even tell you they don’t like it. So what? You have to focus on the fact that you believe in what you have to say on the topic (and I hope you do) and remember that many people who buy it will love it. Try to avoid focusing in on one or two people who are not happy and instead keep your mind on all those who are.

If you sell 10 copies of your eBook and nine people return it then you might want to look at your content. It is an ideal time to ask them for feedback and try and establish where the problem is. Did it not deliver on the promises you made on your sales page? Maybe it was too basic or too difficult. Do your best to get feedback if you find you are continually being asked for a refund. Keep an eye on percentages. If you sell 10 eBooks and 5 are returned for a refund 50% is a high percentage. If you sell 10 and 1 is returned 1% really isn’t. Decide what percentage will set off alarm bells for you. I believe anything under 10% is good but above that you should start paying close attention.

3. What if no one buys it

When marketing an eBook making no sales is a common fear for many and it might happen. All you can do is learn from it and move on. I will go back to researching your eBook and say if you have taken the time to do that then there is little chance it won’t sell. Maybe your copywriting sucks and you need to get help with that. Think about why it isn’t selling, take a look at your visitor stats, are people getting to the page but not buying? Are you offering something free as a way to get people to sign up and stay in touch? Remember not everyone buys first time.

No one will buy it if you put it together without thinking about what people want. Plenty of people will buy it if you take the time to find out what people want.

4. It is safer to dream and want to do something than to do it

Online we here stories about people making six figure income selling eBooks and information products. we all want that dream. To be able to create an eBook, get it on to the web and have thousands of people rushing to buy it. For that dream to happen you have to start someplace and maybe you start by only selling 10 copies in 2 months and that is okay, at least you have started.

The truth is sometimes we just like to talk. We tell people we are going to write something and we are going to make it happen because we are in love with the dream of it rather than actually making it happen.

At some point you have to decide it is time to get it out there. The world is waiting for what you have to offer and you selfishly deprive yourself and us if you choose not to do something about sharing it online.

If you are more comfortable try testing it by releasing a chapter from your eBook for free and encouraging people to join your list and then get them to buy the eBook. At least you can test based on how many people are interested in the free chapter how many might go on to buy the eBook.

When it comes to being successful at being able to sell eBooks you have to accept that things might not work out and learn from it. That is the only way to make this happen. Just be okay with the fact that it may flop and it is all part of the learning experience and remember you can avoid that happening when you focus on writing an eBook that people actually want.

Are you hesitating about getting your eBook out there? What’s stopping you? If being able to promote it online and having a space to sell it from is a problem that is easily solved. We have just joined this business blogging platform that makes it all easy for you – http://influencer.biz

You take the time to carry out research and write your eBook – be brave enough to get it out on the internet and promote it. I remember writing my first eBook and how long it took me to put it up. In the end I just thought “fuck it!” and I just did it. I have wanted to write for years and I get close enough to making something happen and then bottle it.

Ultimately, you need to be brave enough to put your eBook up once it is written. The goods news is if you have focused on your profession or business it will be an eBook full of great information that will help them people you have written it for so why the doubt?

One of the biggest reasons you may hesitate when it comes to selling eBooks online is because you are too critical of yourself. You may find that whatever other reason or excuse you come up with it always leads back to this one. That your inner judge is being so hard on yourself that you just can’t face getting your eBook up there. Even if you think it is because you fear rejection or not selling any eBooks that still leads back to you being too critical.

It is easy to be our own worst critic who decides that things are just not good enough or that something will go wrong rather than right but you can silence that inner critic. To do that that send your eBook to three or four friends and ask for their honest feedback. Make sure they are people you know well and who you know will be totally honest but constructive with you. Ask them to read it and maybe come up with three or four questions you can ask as a way to evaluate the book and have similar feedback from them all.

Ask them how it helped and if there is anything they didn’t understand. If they are familiar with the topic you may want to ask them if there is anything they feel you have left out. Doing this will help you plug any holes or ensure your content is in an order that makes sense.

All you have to do to sell eBooks online is be brave enough to write and ebook and promote it. As long as you are passionate about your topic and you are selling your eBook for the right reasons (and hoping to make a boat load of money doesn’t classify as a good reason!) have enough faith in your work to get it up on your blog, or on Amazon Kindle and out into the world.