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short form fiction – written by Diane Corriette


I love to write short form fiction, also known as flash fiction, which are stories under 1,000 words long. You can read my latest flash fiction stories below. I appreciate you spreading the love by sharing my stories and thank everyone who has  made an effort to “Like” and “Tweet” my work. Want to know more about me?

Flash Fiction Stories - under 1,000 words long

He was given his first guitar when he was four years old. It was green, plastic, with no strings; still it obsessed him. It...

number 79 bus


You can get yourself a copy of my first book “The Last Hut, and 29 other flash fiction stories” via Kindle, in eBook form and via feedaread.com. Future work will be in the form of chapbooks. I add free eBooks into my “store.

Micro-fiction is the name given to stories that are under 350 words long. Short and sweet they are great to read in your coffee break or on the train to work. You can read my latest micro-fiction stories below.

Micro-Fiction Stories - under 350 words long

cant complain

Roger McDonald lived his life with a clear understanding that nothing came from complaining about how bad life can be. Every morning he opened...
self love is behind you

‘I had an experience of real self-love this morning.’ I’m on the phone, as usual, talking with my best friend Gina. ‘Really?’ she asks half listening. ‘Yeah,...
eating good carbohydrates

Want something to eat my dear? They call me Mrs Carbs. What can I get for you my lovely? What are you dying to eat...
about turn left his wife

Sometimes I just share my thoughts and below are the latest pieces of poetry I have written.