The Silence

It rings out from empty pages and forgotten journals.

It follows me as I watch TV and sit in the garden admiring the red of the robins chest.

I want to do something about it but resistance grips me and another day goes by without a word written or a story shared.

I can only tell you that when the time is right self expression will return. For now it seems there is more to be imagined and more dreams to unfold.

The life of a writer is never an easy one. The tortured soul of a writers hand will always miss the silence.

Before a fall

Before a fall

I had never ridden a bicycle before but he dared me and I wasn’t about to admit my failings to anyone, especially him. So what if I was a girl, I was older and taller than he was with a desperate need to prove I was equal.

It wasn’t as if I hadn’t sat on a bike before. I had. I just couldn’t get past three or four pushes of the pedal before I wobbled or fell off. Still, today I was feeling confident.

I jumped on and pedalled but I should never have told myself to avoid that tree. Common sense dictated that it was big enough to avoid anyway but I became obsessed with it. I imagined its brown bark tearing at my 10 year old flesh.

Before I hit it the world decelerated into slow motion. The pain though lived on for years.

The Enchantress

Julian watched the pot boil. He added a few onions and some more garlic before walking over to the large pile of chopped wood he had put together earlier. He picked up some of the larger pieces to add to the fire. He wanted to make sure there was no chance of the fire going out.

She watched him without emotion, fully aware of the power she had over him. Anything he had told her. Anything at all that she needed he would provide, but he wasn’t expecting this.

‘Are you sure there isn’t anything else I can’t get for you?’ he asked with wide pleading eyes that silently begged her to change her mind.

‘Nothing’ she said quietly, ‘nothing at all.’

The wicked grin on her face said it all. His pain fuelled her excitement. Excited by her own powerful force and what it made men do.

He had met some of them. Some of the men who had been trapped by her beauty, by the power of her eyes, and he knew one thing for sure. None of them were alive today.

And with that Julian looked around. Everything that could be done had been done. And so he stepped onto the small stool and into the pot.

As his life flashed before him he realised just how many times he had given up his freedom for a beautiful woman.